Willie, Me, And The Orange


ttar_orange_01_h_launch1[1]Willie and I were likely the two dumb kids in second grade. That was 60 years ago and for the life of me I don’t remember why I remember him so well. On second thought, yes I do.

We sat at tables in those days classified by how well we learned. I was always at the dumb kids’ table, that’s why I knew Willie was dumb too. It was near Halloween we all brought in candy to exchange and kept it in paper bags.

Willie sat across from me at our table. Our teacher, Mrs. Bowsher, gave us each an orange. My Orange was bigger than Willie’s. As I think back, it might have been a form of discrimination. Willie was African-American. When the teacher’s back was turned Willie grabbed my orange. I quickly grabbed it back. When I wasn’t looking he grabbed my orange and exchanged it with his…

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